Classrooms of President Nursing College is designed and equipped well with the adequate capacity of accommodating the number of students admitted in each class. The classrooms are well ventilated with proper lighting system. There are built in White Boards & High Resolution LCD projectors and Furnished with Podium, Chairs, Comfortable Benches for Students. Each classroom is also equipped with CCTVs which is closely observed throughout the day by the Principal and the administrative staff.


To provide comprehensive nursing care to patients / family at hospital and at community level students are given preliminary training in well-equipped labs, with necessary articles, beds, advanced models, charts, specimen and slide. President Nursing College Has Nursing foundation lab, Pre-clinical science lab, Community health nursing lab, Nutrition lab, Advanced skill lab, MCH lab and Computer lab.


The college has an excellent open-access library where the students can directly choose their books from racks. Sufficient number of text books and reference books in different subjects/fields are available for the exclusive use of Library, the library makes our college truly a centre of global learning. Internet facilities are provided to access information within campus to save time.

It has an extensive collection Indian and foreign author books, International Journals, National journals, Newspapers, CDs so that both the students and faculty members are able to keep themselves abreast with the latest knowledge.

The library is kept open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on all working days. The students may fully utilize the library in a calm and peaceful environment.


  • Digital library facility for student use.
  • Stacked with thousands of books, journals and interactive study material.
  • 10 work stations, 100 study spaces including bookable room and social learning spaces.
  • Library access through internet.
  • Facilities to access thousands of National and International e-journals, online database, e-books, DVDs.
  • Reading room
  • Sufficient seats with individual tables are provided in the reading room and current periodical’s room for the convenience of the students.

  • Clinical Facilities

    President Nursing College has parent multispecialty 150 beded Aashka Hospital at Gandhinagar to give extensive clinical exposure to the students

    Additional affiliation of hospital: To provide wide varieties of experience and to fulfil all the required learning experience we have affiliation with other Government and Private hospital of Ahmedabad.

    Community field exposure: For making students Society friendly we provide exposures at CHC, PHC & UHC of Ahmedabad District

    College Canteen

    College canteen is the favourite place for students where many cherishable memories develop. President Science College has a spacious canteen which offers refreshment/food at an affordable price. It is of immense help not only for the day scholars commuting long distance but also to students staying nearby.